Glas Bottle Retap for RO Water 0,8l

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RETAP 800ml

Our bottle has been specially designed by 3PART, a danish red-dot awarded industrial design company, to ensure that our bottle delivers the finest drinking experience. Two of the key design features of the bottle are the neck and the opening. These two features are the key elements of smooth and comfortable drinking. And, after using your Retap bottle it fits perfectly in any home or industrial dishwaser to ensure proper cleaning before reuse.

Retap is not only a great product for your employees but also a great marketing tool both internally and externally for your company and professional profile - showing all your clients and partners that your company is concious of the environment by having reusable hygenic bottles rather than having single use plastic or paper products that create pollution and waste energy.

Stay hydrated - Use Retap.



If you want to find new ways of saving costs - expensive bottled water is a great place to start. Did you know that providing your employees with bottled water in containers used one time only usually costs around €165 per employee per year?

Get rid of that cost and keep the convenience of bottled water by providing your employees with a Retap bottle. It will pay for itself within a month.


It requires 2000 times more energy to produce 0,8 liters of bottled water than 0,8 liters of retapped water. In addition, more than 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste is created every year from the plastic bottled water industry. The oil used to produce these plastic bottles would fuel one million cars - without even taking transportation into consiteration.


Retap is designed so that you can actively use the bottle for internal and external communication.

Print your logo - make a statement - change the color of the lid.

Retap gives you the freedom of making it your corporate bottle.


Reusing plastic bottles presents a potential health risk. Reusing a plastic bottle over and over again exposes the user to harmfull hormones and substances. Tests have shown that reusing a plastic bottle only 5 times gives a bacteria count 13 times higher than what is considered to be good drinking water.

Retap is washable in any dishwasher and is designed without threads and angles where bacteria might grow.


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