Classic Line RO5

Product no.: 13268

The WH RO5 model provides one additional prefilter (sediment) compared to WH RO 4. This extra filter stage significantly increases the life time of the R.O. membrane, which saves costs.

Capacity: 50 GPD

Min. pressure: 48 psi

Filter elements: 5
2 sediment filter
2 active carbon filter
1 TFC RO membrane

Change intervals
- prefilters: every 6 - 12 months
- RO membrane: every 3 years


product sheet (pdf)


Purification stages:
1st stage: Sediment filter 5microns (eliminates dust, sand, slime, silt, rust)
2nd stage: Active carbon block filter (reduces organic compounds, chlorine, hydrazine, herbicides, pesticides, detergents, phenols and radon)
3rd stage: Sediment filter 1microns.
4th stage: Reverse osmosis membrane (detention of all organic and inorganic contamination, dissolved solids, heavy metals, nitrates, benzene, phenols, radioactive elements, bacteria and viruses)
5th stage: Inline active carbon filter (additionally refines water – removes gases and volatile substances, eliminates odor and enriches taste.)

Filter package:
Filter system fully assembled with all tubes ready to plug on to your water supply.
3.2 G water storage tank, faucet;
2 prefilters, 2 active carbon filters, auto-shut-off valve, TFC R.O. membrane with 50 GPD pure water;
connecting kit included;
Dimensions filter block:
W x H x D (mm) approx.: 350 x 430 x 160


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Ohne Permeatpumpe ist das Wasserverhältnis:Abwasser zu gering....
from on 22/08/2013
....dank des guten Service haben wir die Permeatpumpe einfach nachgerüstet und quasi dadurch das nächst höherwertige Produkt erhalten. Die Pumpe meldet ihren Dienst durch sanftes Klacken, aber és fällt nun weniger als die Hälfte an Abwasser an. Die Empfehlung lautet auf jeden Fall mit Permeatpumpe bestellen!

Ing.M.Hirt, Lindau
Anlage arbeitet sehr gut ohne Probleme
from on 14/10/2012
Gutes Umkehrosmose
from on 26/02/2012
Wir jetzt ser zufrieden mit diese Anlage. Wasser ist sehr gut.
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