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This special filter cartridge combines perfect filtration through activated carbon and restorage good quality of natural water.

How does it work? EM Ceramic powder and activated carbon are both caked in the filter cartridge. This EM Ceramic is manufactured from special clay which contains organic material of those plants which are millions of years old. Those plants were subject to a process of fermentation for a couple of months and were the food of Effective Microorganisms®.

EM-Ceramic helps reduce the surface tension of the filtered water and helps minimizing the cluster structure which helps restore the natural structure of water.

The high performance filter is guaranteed through a homogeneous activated carbon block filter NFP premium from the German manufacturer Carbonit. This activated carbon filters also very small bacteria such as E. coli, chlorine, PAHs, copper and lead, drug residues and many other pollutants up to 99%. Filtration with 0.45 microns.

Minerals are preserved.

Only use with cold water. Do not use behind an unpressurized boiler.

Filter change intervals: every 6 months or 10000 liters.


  • polypropylene
  • activated charcoal from coconut shells
  • EM-X-5 Ceramic


More informationen on Carbonit NFP PremiumEM-X 5 Filter cartridge

Information on Effektive Mikroorganisms (EM)

Data sheet  Carbonit NFP Premium (PDF)




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