Single BIG BLUE Iron Removal

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Well water is contaminated with iron in many regions of Germany and Europe causing ugly stains on ceramic, terasses and plants. Wasserhaus offers a speciallized solution for effective iron removal for clean water and happy users.


Advantages of Iron Removal:

- reduction of iron and metal taste

- reduction of orange or brown color and protection against unhealthy precipation

- no need of chemical treatment - constant water quality in all other parameters

- works up to concentrations of max. 3 mg/l


PLEASE CONTACT US, if your well water has higher values for iron or manganese. We will find an individual solution for your water treatment.Please, send us your well water analysis to

Precondition for effective filtering:

- pH >7

- Silicate < 100 mg/Liter

- Mangese < 1 mg/Liter (Manganes is not being filtered)

- Iron < 3,0 mg/Liter

- Temperature min. 2°C, max. 37°C

- no ferric bacterias

- not hydrogen sulphide

Average lifetime:

1 mg/l: approx. 300.000 l, 4 Pers. approx. 12 mon.
2 mg/l: approx 150.000 l, 4 Pers. approx.   9 mon.
3 mg/l: approx. 100.000 l, 4 Pers. approx.   6 mon.

The values may vary incredibly influenced by varying pH or content of iron and manganes or other factors.

Filtration stages:

Single stage Iron removal water filtration system with 20'' cartridge with 1" ball valves at both connections

1. Stage: Iron Removal Cartridge Pentek RFFE BB

Dimensions of filter housing in mm: B x H x T ca. 200 x 700 x 200.


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Replacement Cartridge Pentek Iron Removal Big Blue 20" Replacement Cartridge Pentek Iron Removal Big Blue 20"
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