Pure 1.0 UV-C Water Purification

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The UV-C System for Water Treatment

The PURE 1.0 System has been specifically designed for the purification of service water, whirlpools and small ponds. The applied water has to fulfil special preconditions for a most effective result of the UV treatment.
Parameters as turbidity, hardness, suspended solids, iron, manganese and humic acid are important at this point. They can reduce the transmission of light in water and the efficiency of UV treatment.


Application Areas:

  • Purification of well water
  • Use of rain water
  • Whirlpool
  • Small ponds

Proof of Effectiveness:

The effectiveness can be proofed by certifications of two independent institutions. Please ask for certifications.

Important information on drinking water treatment:

The PURE line UVC purification systems have got no DVGW certification


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UV Replacement lamp 16 Watts for Pure 1.0 UV Replacement lamp 16 Watts for Pure 1.0
Replacement after approx. 8000 working hours
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