Test Strip Total Water Hardness

Product no.: 19330

Manufacturer: MERCK KGaA

Set of 5 test strips

The test strips are single sealed  - holds longer.

Range of measurement 0° - 25° dH

Quick and easy to use in order to measure water hardness.

Water hardness is caused by the presence of alkaline earths, primarily calcium and magnesium. Total hardness is measured as the sum of all calcium and magnesium ions.

Perfect for checking the water hardness for appliances like:

  • Water softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Ion-Exchange-Units
  • Aquaristics
  • Coffee maker
  • washing machine
  • dish washer

Easy to use:

Immerse all reaction zones of the test strip in the measurement sample for approx. 1 sec. (not running water!). Then shake off excess liquid from the strip and after 1 min determine with which colour row on the label the colours of the reaction zones coincide most exactly. That's it!

Delivery content:

5 Single sealed test strips

1 Colour scale

In stock


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Delivery weight: 1 g
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