Product no.: 18504

3 in 1 faucet VANCOUVER, instead of standard faucet. Material: Stainless steel.

Special price only together with a Wasserhaus QuaRO-PUR reverse osmosis system.

3-way faucet for hot and cold, and also for filtered tap water.


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Product no.: 13269

QuaRO-PUR reverse osmosis system  - basic model for producing pure quality water at a best price.

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Delivery weight: 11 kg

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Product no.: 13534

QuaRO-PUR ECO reverse osmosis system for producing pure quality water, equipped with an additional permeate pump for saving water 


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Delivery weight: 11.5 kg

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Product no.: 13039

QuaRO-PLUS reverse osmosis system with mineralizing cartridge

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Delivery weight: 11.5 kg

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Product no.: 13040

QuaRO-PLUS-ECO reverse osmosis with mineralizing cartridge and an additional permeate pump

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Delivery weight: 12 kg

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