Wasserhaus - RO NT 75 gpd

Wasserhaus - RO NT 75 gpd

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The WH RO-NT-75 combines the high quality of our WH series and a small size. Thanks to its compact size the WH RO-N/T provides a good base for individual and multi-purpose configurations such as in mobile homes (e.g. with a pressure pump) or for the use in fish breeding applications or photo laboratories.

Due to its dimensions it’s ideal for pack and go when travelling. No more water bottles to carry – just supply yourself with filtered water from the tap. The N/T model is also a good low budget option to start with R.O. systems. The water quality parameters are equivalent to those achieved with high end built-in counter-top or under sink R.O. systems.

The purified water can be directly filled and stored in a water carafe of your choice, or e.g. in your boiler. (Note: a chromed adapter for the connection with the faucet is included).


Reverse Osmosis Filter RO-NT - DATASHEET.pdf

Filter elements
1 sediment filter
1 active carbon filter
1 TFC RO membrane

Change intervalls
- prefilters: every 6 -12 months
- RO filter : every 2-3 years

Filter package:

  • Filter is fully pre-configured – simply connect and drink;
  • Faucet adapter included
  • Manual flush-valve; efficiency: pure water / drain water: 1:3
  • 1 sediment prefilter,
  • 1 active carbon prefilter,
  • 1 TFC R.O. membrane (75 GPD);

- Dimensions: B x H x D (mm) approx. 350 x 250 x 120

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