Wasserhaus Micro DF - Direct Flow reverse osmosis

Wasserhaus Micro DF - Direct Flow reverse osmosis

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The WH Micro DF (Direct Flow) combines the high quality of our Classic line and a small size. Thanks to its compact size the WH Micro-DF provides a good base for individual and multi-purpose configurations such as in mobile homes (e.g. with a pressure pump) or for the use with your new fridge which might include a water dispenser and an ice-maker.

3-stage direct flow RO system - free flow without storage tank.

The water quality parameters are equivalent to those achieved with high end built-in counter-top or under sink R.O. systems.
The purified water can be directly filled and stored in a water carafe of your choice, or e.g. in your boiler.

Filter package:
- Filter is fully pre-configured – simply connect and drink;
- all adapters included
- Automatic shut- off valve; efficiency: pure water / drain water: 1:3
- 1 sediment prefilter, 1 active carbon prefilter, 1 TFC R.O. membrane (100 GPD);
- Dimensions: L x H x W (mm) approx. 350 x 160 x 200

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Replacement Filter Set RO MICRO DF Replacement Filter Set RO MICRO DF
recommended change interval 6-9 months
41.00 € *
Delivery weight: 0.9 kg
RO-Membrane-100-GPD filmtec RO-Membrane-100-GPD filmtec
recommended change interval 2-3 years
75.00 € *
Delivery weight: 0.4 kg

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