Replacement Cartridge Pentek Iron Removal Big Blue 20"

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Replacement cartridge: Iron Removal cartridge for Big Blue 20 inch housings

This iron removal cartridge is an original from Pentek, USA. The Pentek Iron Removal cartridge prevents your tubes and heaters from damages due to high iron values in your well water - without adding chemicals to the water. This makes the Pentek Iron Removal cartridge ideal for production of potable water from your well water.

The Pentek iron removal cartridge removes iron from your well water which has got up to 3 mg iron per liter and up to 1 mg manganese per liter. The well water must not contain any H2S which you can easily smell due to its hydrogen sulphur odor (the smell of rotten eggs). The iron has to be dissolved in the well water. The pH value must be higher than 7.

If your well water shows higher contents of iron and manganese or if it has got the odor of rotten eggs we can offer you another reliable and economic solution. Please contact us.

Exchange intervals dependet on content of iron:
1 mg/l -> after approx. 300.000 l
2 mg/l -> after approx. 150.000 l
3 mg/l -> after approx. 100.000 l
These values may differ depending on the conents of substances in the water to be treated.

approx. 14-20 liters/minute, or approx. 1 m³/hour.

In general we recommend you to combine this filter cartridge with a fine sediment prefilter, such as 20µ sedimentfilter and with an 20" activated carbon block filter such as in our Triple BIG BLUE Eisen filter unit. A regular replacement of the filter ensures a good quality of the water.

We can help you if you want to analyse your well water in order to find out what type of water treatment would be best for you. Please ask.

Dimensions of Pentek Iron Removal Filter Cartridge:

Length: 51 cm
Diameter (outer): 11,6 cm
Diameter (opening): 2,8 cm


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