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The CARBONIT VARIO-kitchen provides easy installation, elegant small water tap - and you get carbonit-water at the push of a button. The technique is hidden under the sink.


  • Device to install under the sink between angle valve and existent water tap. Seperate elegant water tap to take filtered water. The cover with connecting nut is made up of PP, the clear-sightedness filter-cup is made up of SAN.
  • The water is cleaned in one step. The filter capacity is limited on big sized molecular connections as for example heavy metalls or bacteria. Small sized molecular connections like nitrate or lime is only filtered in a limited proportion.
  • The advantage of the device is its optical inconspicuousness, because it is installed under the sink.


  • The clean-water daily output is depending on pressure and temperature up to 120 litres.
  • The length of warranty is 24 month.

Included in delivery

  • Complete device with comprehensive installation material
  • 1 filter cartridge Carbonit Monoblock Premium
  • Delivery without water tap! For choosing a faucet, please have a look at our wide range of faucets




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