FRITZ Portable Reverse Osmosis System, zero installation

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FRI.TZ - your mobile watermaker for fresh and pure water - zero installation!

Mobile Reverse Osmosis Waterfilter without fixed water supply - a perfect solution if no fixed water pipe can be attached or if water pressure is too low.

The ultimate solution for your office, caravan, boat etc.. ZERO INSTALLATION

The mobile Osmosis system is a free standing, portable, pure-water device which exploits the principle of reverse osmosis. You can take it whereever pure water is needed, such as caravans, holiday apartments, boats, etc. It can be moved very easily within your house or your workplace. The device is equipped with its own pressure pump and the system requires only standard electricity.

To enjoy the taste of pure water whenever you fell, just connect the device to the electricity and use the integrated concentrate container to feed the system with water. Fter switching on you can observe how reverse osmosis water flows almost instantly in our water carafe. The integrated timer will switch off your machine automatically. Since the concentrate is collected in a separate container, you can use it for other household needs (e.g. dish-washing or toilet flushing). The device comes fulley assembled for use and with a detailed user manual.



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Replacement filterset RO system FriTZ Mobil Replacement filterset RO system FriTZ Mobil
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R.O. membrane for water filter system FriTZ R.O. membrane for water filter system FriTZ
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