Replacement Filter Set QuaRO Plus / 6 stage RO system

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Complete replacement filterset for RO6, 6-stage-reverse osmosis-devices.

3 pre-filters, 1 post-carbon-filter, 1 mineralizer, manual, tank desinfection

  • 1x Sediment Filter 20µm
  • 1x Fine Sediment 1µm
  • 1x Activated Carbon filter GAC
  • 1x Inline Aktivated Carbon filter - Postfilter for Optimization of taste - with 1/4" JG-Adapters
  • 1x Inline Mineralization Cartridge - with 1/4 " JG-Adapters
  • 1x Storage Tank Desinfection
  • Anleitung zum Filterwechsel

According to DIN 1988 we recommend a filter change interval of every 6 months.


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filter wrench for RO classic filter wrench for RO classic
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