Eggy Whirler for Vitalization

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The Archetype Whirler


Ideal Shape:
We have succeeded in designing a whirler chamber exploiting the ultimate archetype egg shape.

High Quality Materials:
The EggyWhirler is manufactured exclusively with high quality, stainless steel in accordance with drinking water regulations. If used in combination with water characterized by a low ph-value (such as reverse osmosis water) no corrosion will occur.

Additional Energisation:
Optionally, the energisation chamber can be equipped with various energising media such as quartz, corals etc. Prime Inventions offers you an assortment of gemstone collations, such as the E1 collection, which is comprised of six different gemstones.

Use in Combination with Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems:
The design (see above) allows for ideal whirling, even in combination with low amounts of water and can easily be operated with filters for table water and reverse osmosis systems (beginning at 2 liter water capacity per minute).

Installation Options:
The EggyWhirler can either be attached via an M22x1 external fine thread or alternately to faucets with an M24x1 internal thread (adapter included). For attachment to 4-way-faucet DALLAS you´ll need adapter AD-30.

The following Wasserhaus faucets can be combined with the Eggy Whirler:

  • Standard Faucet (you need faucet adapter 12311)
  • Boston (for tap water. If you want to energize filtered water we recommend you to choose Piccolo Whirler)
  • Dallas
  • Montreal
  • Chicago (for tap water)




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Length: 44mm
Diameter: 36mm
Weight: approx. 160g

Easy Cleaning:
The EggyWhirler can even be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please remove the energizing media beforehand.

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Faucet Adapter for Aqua Whirler Faucet Adapter for Aqua Whirler
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