5-stage PuriFiVE Compact

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PuriFIVE Reverse Osmosis

The 5-stage reverse osmosis filter system PuriFIVE produces pure quality water with a minimum of technical effort at a best price.

PURIFIVE provides fresh filtered water from your own tap water without any electricity.


Purification stages:

1st stage: Sediment filter 5µm (eliminates dust, sand, slime, silt, rust)

2nd stage: Active carbon filter (reduces organic compounds, chlorine, hydrazine, herbicides, pesticides, detergents, phenols and radon).

3th stage: Sediment filter 5µm

4th stage: Reverse osmosis membrane (detention of all organic and inorganic contamination, dissolved solids, calcium carbonate, heavy metals, nitrates, benzene, phenols, radioactive elements, bacteria and viruses)

5th stage: Final inline-active carbon filter (final refining of water, removes gases and volatile substances, eliminates odor and enriches taste of water)


Filter package:

Filter system is fully assembled with all tubes ready to plug on to your water supply.

  • 3 prefilters, 1 active carbon postfilter, DUPONT R.O. membrane
  • 8-l-water storage metal tank, faucet for filtered tap water, auto-shut-off-valve.
  • Connecting kit included.


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