Iron Removal Waterfilter Solutions

Iron Removal Waterfilter Solutions


Wasserhaus offers a integrated Iron Removal Waterfilter Solution for filtration of solved IRON in well, lake and surface water.


Wasserhaus Iron Removal Solutions

Wasserhaus residential waterfilters for IRON REMOVAL are specially designed  for efficient iron reduction in well and lake water. Ideally suited for self-supporter.

Industrial Quality of all Big Blue Waterfilters

Safety is of utmost importance since leakage can cause desasteous consequences. Therefore, standardized industry quality filter housings are supplied drectly from the manufacturer from the North America.

Easy Installation

Well prepared the waterfilter is easy to be installed in a Do-it-yourself mannerG or by any professional plumber.

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Product no.: 12652

Single stage waterfilter for Iron Removal, optimum solutions for well water or river/lake water supply.

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Delivery weight: 10 kg

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Product no.: 13180

The filter giant with special iron removal cartidge. With this waterfilter, you can enjoy your spring water without iron flavour and colour.

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Delivery weight: 30 kg

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Product no.: 12654


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Delivery weight: 5 kg

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