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For water filtration in the kitchen and bathroom just before the withdrawal (point of use) or for smaller industrial applications. Priority use at low line pressure or desire for higher flow.

As IFP Puro, the special characteristics of a sintered CARBONIT® monoblock connect to a microfiltration of 0.15 microns by the internal Ster-O-Tap® capillary membrane. Even high loads, which can accumulate in the body are reliably removed and stored. The filter cartridges of the type IFP Puro are ideal at low line pressure and allow narrow bacterial loads. The capillary Ster-O-Tap® is tested according to ANSI / NSF Standard 53 (Cyst and Turbidity Reduction)

The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (in accordance with DIN 1988). Basically allowed made within 6 months 5,000 liters of water to be filtered. However Earlier replacement may be necessary when the water flow becomes noticeably reduced. Earlier replacement is not a defect of the filter used, but rather a sign of the increased presence of fine particles in unfiltered water.

Filter rating: 0.15 microns (membrane); 5 microns (activated charcoal)

Flow: ca. 6 ... 8 liters per minute (at 4 bar)

  • Use only with cold water, protect from freezing
  • because of extreme fineness of the IFP Puro is in cases flow reduction more quickly by pre-filtering particles with textile filters VFS 09/001 (1 micron) recommend
  • In SANUNO is the gasket on remove bottom cover


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